Judy Murray & Leon Smith

Judy Murray & Leon Smith

ADAPT Human Performance Forum #7 Keynote Speakers: Judy Murray, OBE and Leon Smith, OBE

ADAPT were delighted to welcome back close friends and supporters of the business Judy Murray and Leon Smith for our first Human Performance Forum of 2020.

Judy and Leon talked us through some of the key learnings they’ve gleaned from their illustrious careers to date. Having both coached and led teams at the highest possible level in the world of tennis and faced all the challenges that come with intense public and media scrutiny, they shared insights into how to lead a world-class team, how to get the best out of each individual in a team and how to create high-performance cultures.

Leon spoke to our guests about his Davis Cup journey – from being announced as Davis Cup Captain in 2010 where he was selected over a highly favoured, and in some minds, better credentialed option, to getting on with the job, ignoring the detractors and leading the Great British team to victory in 2015. Leon spoke about what it takes to lead a new team, how to build trust and rapport within a team and how to help your team prepare to perform at their best.

Judy provided an account of some of the challenges she faced launching the careers of her two sons Jamie and Andy Murray, the importance of surrounding yourself with good people from the get go and why she is going back to the grassroots in the work she is doing with her foundation

Key Leadership insights included:

  • Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. True leaders create opportunities for those behind them.
  • Diversity breeds diversity – diversity in your leadership team leads to diversity in your workforce which makes it more likely that your business will appeal to a diverse audience or customer base.
  • Being savvy about how you communicate so you don’t become background noise. Sometimes you need to have someone else deliver the message for you to ensure the message cuts through.
  • Having the right people in the right position is critical. Know your strengths but also be aware of areas you need to develop. Don’t be afraid to bring in someone with a complimentary skillset to your own to ensure greater team success.
  • Mental tapering – there is an art to helping your team focus and prepare for a big event. You need to be strategic to ensure they don’t fatigue prior to the big day
  • There is no place for a “one size fits all” approach to managing people. You need to firstly get to know your team as individuals. When you get to know what makes them tick, it allows you to work out what language they respond to best. This then allows you to tailor and adapt your management style to the individual to ensure you can get the best out of them.

Client Partner Feedback:

“Just wanted to say thank you for the event on Friday. You do those events so well at ADAPT and I always really get the connection of Sport and Business. Judy and Leon were excellent.”
Director – Major Projects, Social Infrastructure

“Thanks for the invitation to this morning’s breakfast. I thought it was great. Judy and Leon were excellent, very personable and easy to relate to. I’ve been to a lot of these type of events, this was one of the best.”
Chief Procurement Officer - Large ASX Healthcare

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Judy Murray & Leon Smith

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